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2016-01-25 04:34 pm
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Hi my name is Nyssa!

Hello, my name is Nyssa. Kaiko just made a dreamwidth for me.

Kaiko: Nyssa is my favorite character\muse\semi-OC. Or what would you call that. Whatever she is, she lives in this dreamwidth with me.

Nyssa: I have a roommate?

Kaiko: I'm not your roommate. I'm your goddess. Your sort-of creator. You're my dream child, a lesser being. I own the Dreamwidth, you just live in it.

Nyssa: And why I cannot live in a normal house?

Kaiko: Because this is apparently where you're suppose to live. Maybe someone will come and decide to get you an house. But this is more than an house. It's an entire universe.

Nyssa: Okay.