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Name:Kaiko Espurr Mikkusu (Nyssa of Traken)
Birthdate:Nov 21
Location:Palermo, Sicily, Italy
This blog is run by Kaiko Espurr Mikkusu. She was born as Gaia Nicolosi in Palermo, Italy, in 21th November 1996. She was diagnosed with Asperger's and C.H.A.R.G.E. , and identifies as an aromantic asexual as well as xenogender\starchild. (For the unititiated, xenogender means you identify as an alien sex\gender where they get pregnant and have children through eating fruits from a special tree. Well in my case it's that, but any asexual\alienish reproduction and gender counts as xenogender. I identify as would be a somewhat feminine member of said species\sex making me 50% xenofeminine and 0% xenomasculine. Xenodemigirl, perhaps?) I believe in a world were war and crime does'nt exist and that everyone should be raised for and do stuff for glory. Nobody is paid physical money, nobody is rich or poor, they just have "glory levels" that start at 50 and if they drop below 0 you get banned from the community and become an homeless renegade, while if you reach 100 you become an elité member.

The blog's title comes from MY Nyssa, which is apparently completely different from anyone else's Nyssa expecially Ellen Circular-Time's. Or something. She told me to make a Dreamwidth for my personal Nyssa, and so I did.

When I'm not on Dreamwidth, I'm usually on Tumblr, Reddit, DeviantArt, AO3, or on Netflix watching Season 28 of Doctor Who, in no particular order.

Sometimes I reinstall The Sims 3 until I get too obsessed that I have to deinstall it for the 1000th time again. So I'm known as a simmer, expecially one that may seem somewhat weird\obsessed\no-life one until you get to know her better. And realize that some of my weirdness is a result of my sims 3 obsession. Through some is not. I'm just naturally weird sometimes.

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